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Animación con Blender. Renderizado con Yafaray


Feelings are like yarn, you can knit very beautiful things, things to wear, things to show, but it also can get tangled making it very hard to untangle, and in the attempt to untangle it, you must be very careful and patient or it can get even more tangled and that is maddening, and even if you manage to untangle it and you can finally see a continuous line of yarn, then you realize there are still knots, tiny and very tight knots that are very hard to see because they hide between the fluffy body of the yarn, and trying to untangle those knots may be even more difficult, as you have to use your nails, pinching it, pulling it, damaging the fluffy body of the yarn, but knots are not always bad, they teach us something: It is the only way to join a piece of yarn with another, of the same color or a different color, to join small pieces of yarn and make a larger one, to join your yarn with another, and if your yarn is quite broken, the only thing you can do is make knots, join every piece and then you’ll not want anything to untangle those knots. You can also have it in a form of a ball, a pretty and fluffy yarn ball, but you don’t want to drop it, or it can go rolling around untangling itself, and if it keeps rolling then it reaches its own center until theres nothing more to untangle, and then you have to make the ball again, trying to be careful, trying to not to make any knots and not to lose your patience…

…I’m a cat.

-JVTP (jozeecat).

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"How to Deal With Depression". Seriously. This kind of stuff. Yes, yes. This guy is cute, and I guess well-intentioned guy (though I highly doubt he despises the attention he’s getting), but no, you’re not going to teach anyone how to fucking deal with depression in a 5 minutes video. It’s nice to show support, but you’re not solving anything and your words are not of wisdom. Nothing against the guy, but the title just irks me so much! "How To Deal With Depression". And, lol, at all the people praising him cause he "helped them see the light" or "saved their lives". Perhaps the light of his cute face, which yeah, doesn’t hurt, but still.

I’ll never make everyone happy, but if this title made one person click it and helped them, then maybe it’s 1% true and that’s all I should care about.

Clearly there isn’t a cure all for depression, because every soul is entirely different and unique. BUT he’s right. If one person clicked and felt as if they were helped by it, then THAT means his goal was accomplished and that’s a commendable thing.

This kinda irks me a bit too because I feel like nobody understands depression, so I’ll explain (I have depression), at least how I feel it really is:

Depression is like if your heart were a bucket with a big hole, you may try to pour some water, and It may feel nice, It appears to be the right thing to do, but… it just doesn’t fills you, everything you try to put there just goes away through that hole, like the love of someone else, your achievements, friendship… EVERYTHING, so, there is really NO WAY to deal with depression UNLESS you know EXACTLY what made that hole.

What makes depression so hard to overcome is that sadness and suffering makes really hard to remember what you lost, what made that hole, and depending of each person, it could be ANYTHING, so you start looking everywhere for that thing you don’t even know what it is, you try and try and try and the more time passes without finding that thing the more depressed you become AND the harder is to know what you lost until you finally give up… and you know what I mean by “give up”

Many may have heard a phrase similar to “look into yourself” and it may sound like an empty phrase, but it’s true! you have to! BUT…! Another thing that makes depression so hard to overcome it’s that doing that is painful, like, really painful, because you have to dig in sadness and suffering and the only thing you want is to stop suffering! you just want to feel happy!

The only way to overcome depression is to finally find and give yourself that piece of ‘bucket’, so you can repair it and sustain anything that enters on it, and once complete, nothing will go away anymore, that’s why you must look into yourself, into your heart, your memories, because deep inside lies the answer and only you have it, and yes.. it’s hard, really really hard… but there’s isn’t other way, or at least, i don’t know other way.

Every soul may be entirely different and unique, but every depressed soul shares something in common: they are not complete.

I’m considering in opening a blog dedicated to this kind of things

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Man, I was worried that they were going to take this in a bad direction, but their single biggest point was something that they kinda concluded towards the end of the video, like they didn’t plan on actually saying this one line: “Really nice guys don’t call themselves Nice Guys.” Wonderful. 

Very informative, but why someone who is nice would like to be rewarded? If being nice is something you must do, then why some of the nice people complain? Does someone truly know why is this? Not just for being a jerk about it, for sure. From my own experience, and from what I’ve seen, I think I know why:

Nice guys (or nice people in general) who wants to be rewarded do so because they get no reward from life itself, that is, they have little to no emotional bonds with the common things of life, like their jobs, their responsibilities, or with their life in general, this can be because of depresion, very low self esteem, or any other emotional problem, so if you’ve lost all connection with life, then you feel like you have nothing to lose. Everyone needs some reward from life itself, like being loved, respected, or whatever, because if you don’t get this, then what’s the point? The only way they know for being rewarded in life is by being nice to the people they love, and if they don’t get something, then they are losing the only thing they have or want. Some may take a single smile or a “thank you” and that may be enough, but for others (or with time) its just not enough. For this people, trying to be nice just because that’s the right thing to do and get no reward for it, is just too emotionally draining, so if you get nothing and you don’t feel like you have other things in life, again, what’s the point? For people that have not lost conection with life (like these two emotionaly strong guys in the video), this doesn’t happen because they can be rewarded for other things, so it’s very easy, from that perspective, to think that nice people who want rewards just for being nice are being jerks for complaining, they are not, or that a really nice guy doesn’t call himself nice, you try to be nice without having other reward in life. So if you have nothing to lose, and the only thing you know for being rewarded in life fails, either you kill yourself, or you go in a killing spree… so let that sink in. Emotional problems are a bitch. Yeah… it can be anoying to see these people complain, but we must see things from all perspectives, and not just bash them because we can’t understand.

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